Healthy Villi Web Site Gains

Online Payment Capability

The next time you renew your Healthy Villi membership, sign up for a membership meeting, or make a donation, you will be able to do so online.

That's because The Healthy Villi has put the web site on a new software platform that includes an electronic payment option.

Each Healthy Villi member will have an online account at the web site.  Keep an eye out for a letter – which will arrive by both e-mail and “snail-mail” – that contains your account information, including a personalized User ID and password.

Use of the online account will be optional.  It will still be possible to join, renew memberships and make donations by mail, and to register for meetings by email or telephone.

“The new capability is intended for people who prefer to conduct business online, without inconveniencing anyone who prefers a more-traditional way of doing business,” said Lee Graham, president of The Healthy Villi.

The accounts are private and secure. To prevent fraud, the site will instantly process payments by Visa and MasterCard, and then immediately erase all credit card information.

The privacy policy accompanying the new web site notes that The Healthy Villi treats all information about its members and people who use the web site in a completely confidential manner. The Healthy Villi does not disclose, sell or rent any personal information about members or non-members who use the web site.

As part of the switch-over, the web address has changed to from the previous  The web browser of anyone  trying to visit the “.com” address will be redirected automatically to the “.org” address.

The ‘org’ extension  was created specifically for non-profit groups, such as The Healthy Villi.

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